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Our mission is to cultivate a community of global scholars who shape the future through research, innovation, and collaboration.

Funding Excellence

Discover opportunities for research support through our grant program. We are dedicated to supporting schools with well-defined goals of advancing student success and engaging in the global research arena.

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Empowering Researchers

Nurture your research ambitions with the Tyler Center. We are committed to investing in the next generation of trailblazing global researchers by funding research fellowships. 

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Sustaining Discoveries 

Transform the world with the power of knowledge. By funding impactful research projects conducted beyond US borders, the Tyler Center strives to contribute to an awareness of and appreciation for solutions that transcend geographical boundaries. 

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The Tyler Center believes that the issues and challenges facing society today are more global in nature than ever before, and that the key to successfully meeting and overcoming these challenges hinges on building an awareness of and appreciation for global solutions. - Bill Tyler


Our Founder, Bill Tyler

William H. "Bill" Tyler III – born in an agricultural community in California, holds a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from U.C. Berkeley. During his time at Berkeley, he conducted a master’s study on the financing and development of interracial housing by the United Auto Workers Union. It was also at U.C. Berkeley where he met his future wife, Susanne.

Following three years of service as a project officer on the Navajo guided missile team in the Air Force, Tyler embarked on a career in the insurance industry. He held notable positions such as Western States Superintendent of Agencies for the U.S. Life Insurance Company, Vice President of Sales for Sun Life Insurance Company (now SunAmerica), and President of Teledyne life insurance subsidiaries in Kansas City and Los Angeles. Currently, he is the owner and founder of Resource Management Group, specializing in historic properties and preservation management.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Tyler has been deeply committed to philanthropy, with a passion for education. He served as President of the Carmel Public Library Foundation, sponsors the Tyler Fellowship for visiting professors at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies, and serves on the Johns Hopkins University Libraries and Museums National Advisory Board. Furthermore, he holds the title of Governor Emeritus of the National Winston Churchill Museum and has served two decades as a Trustee of Westminster College.

Tyler has established the Tyler Center for Global Studies, an independent international research organization offering competitive fellowships at major universities. He has provided for research and innovation in healthcare by founding the Tyler Heart Institute at the regional Community Hospital for Monterey County, California.


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